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EMMROD Packrod Casting Rod

EMMROD Packrod

  • One piece aluminum tube core chassis creates unparalleled structural integrity and durability
  • TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) hybrid anti-slip handle material, incredible impact durability
  • TPE outperforms rubber and plastic as it is stronger, lighter and much more environmentally friendly
  • TPE hybrid nose cone and our added lanyard ring is built on for attaching to a vessel, backpack, wrist, etc
  • Stainless steel rod end with EMMROD’s patented ¼ turn locking system
  • Our Packrod comes with a 4, 6, or 8 coil rod end (more coils, lighter fish)
  • 15” breakdown length, 11" handle length, 24-3/8” assembled length, and weighs only 9 oz.
  • US patents US 6.922.936 B2, US 6.931.781 B2
  • Built in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. USA


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  • 5
    perfect hiking rod

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Sep 2017

    Takes a little bit to get used to. Still working on casting the lighter lures. This rod is amazing for any kind of back country trip

  • 5
    Great for jigging off the pier.

    Posted by John on 10th Jul 2016

    The rod is well designed and matched with the correct reel. I rarely receive something that works "right out of the box" but this setup did. Compact, tough, and worth the price. Mine rides in a pocket of my backpack so I can jig off the piers when I walk.

  • 5
    Can really catch some rather large fish!

    Posted by Doug on 7th Feb 2016

    Hi, Got my Emmrod packrod cast and fitted it with a nice durable and capable Shimano baitcaster reel. Promptly took it too a famous fishing pond in Bangkok and landed numerous Mekong type catfish all in the neighborhood of 40-50 lbs. Casts well and simply gets the job done. Hence I just bought another one. Excellent product and good service. Emmrod responded to a small issue I had and corrected it immediately. Very impressed. My conventional rods I suspect will now be collecting some dust. I practice casting into my swimming pool and can land within a car tire inner tube 7 out of 10 times from over 40 feet. Easy and accurate. Happy and now a strong believer!

  • 5

    Posted by Chad on 4th Feb 2016

    Well made and extremely functional. Can just leave it in the glove box/backpack and be ready to go whenever!

  • 5
    Dynamite in a small package

    Posted by John Henry Taylor on 18th Oct 2015

    I was a little skeptical about the Emmrod pack rod cast & spinning rods when I first got them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could cast both of them just as far as I could with my 7' & 8' rods without the inconvience of the longer rods. These rods are all I use now for all of my fishing needs. You can't go wrong with Emmrod!

  • 5

    Posted by Bret on 4th Oct 2015

    I already own 2-Packers and a Pack-Rod spinning rod and they are awesome rods. The Pack-Rod-Casting is no exception,tough and durable and quality made. These Emmrods are the only fishing rods I use and I have caught tons of fish with them to prove that they are and do what they say they will. I said in a earlier review that I wish I hadn't waited so long to try them and I still feel the same. Emmrods work and are quality thru out.

  • 5
    great fishing rod for packing into the back country

    Posted by jay on 20th Apr 2015

    Great rod, lightweight and compact. Perfect for use in my packraft. It's portability makes it easy to take anywhere. No spot is un-fish able with this rod.

  • 5
    a very good and impressive little thing

    Posted by jason zhang on 18th Apr 2014

    Hadn't got a chance to try it out. This emmrod looks very strong and it will handle big game. I guess it won't break easily. The stainless steel is tougher than a normal fishing rod.
    I will give it a try later and see how it works. I will come back though. I hope you guys can keep on innovating this tool. I am very interested and maybe I can introduce to more people in china.

  • 4
    nice product

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Mar 2014

    I first learned about this product from a fellow kayaker, and then from Jeff McGovern, who has a ton of YouTube videos on the product. It's actually unfortunate there is not more information out there about this rod.

    I bought the pack rod with TPE handle, along with a top water special rod, and 6 coil for a baitcaster. I use a Lew's BB1 pro reel.

    This is a very well made quality item, and the stainless steel rods are a thing of beauty. I think this is a product you could probably hand down to your children. I really don't think the price is out of line for the level of quality you get, and $20 for extra rods is more than reasonable.

    I use a side cast in a motion similar to throwing a baseball from the side. I've learned to keep the motion in my arm and not twist my back. You don't need to put your whole body into the cast. It would be nice if Emmrod did some instructional videos, as this rod cast differently than traditional rods.

    I have not done a direct side-by-side comparison to a 6 1/2 foot rod, but I started out with about 60 to 70 foot cast, and worked my way up to about 120 feet or thereabouts. The topwater special cast the furthest.

    It takes some practice, but you can get performance similar to a full length rod/reel combo.

    So far, the disappointing part about purchasing this product is zero feedback from the company. My last several e-mails have gone unanswered. Jeff McGovern, one of the Emmrod dealers, got back to me about three days after my initial e-mail. He was at least willing to talk over the phone. I wouldn't expect too much on the way of support for using the product.