Q: How do I properly string my Emmrod® for best results?

A: Please check our "Tech" page as it shows how to do this with every rod, reel and handle types.


Q: How do I break down my Emmrod® for storage and packing?

A: All Emmrod's have our patented 1/4 turn locking quick disconnect.  The Eyelet of the rod end will always face the same direction as your reel.  So to take apart an Emmrod® simply push the rod back towards the handle and twist in a counter clock wise direction for a 1/4 turn and then pull the rod free from the handle.  To assemble the pole back together do this in reverse.  There are also pictures on our "Tech" page to help with this.


Q: Why buy an Emmrod® instead of a "regular" graphite pole?

A: Emmrod® fishing poles are made to be compact, easy to transport and are nearly  indestructible yet casting and sensitivity are comparable or superior to graphite.


Q: If stainless steel is so great for fishing poles, why isn't everyone using it to make their poles?

A:  Stainless Steel is extremely expensive, especially the 302 spring steel we use.  Our cost just for materials is higher than most fishing poles retail for.  Also, using stainless steel without the use of our patented power coils would not work and the metal would simply bend and not cast or give the action that our poles produce naturally.


Q: What is your best selling fishing pole?

A:  Our Packer® Model is by far our best selling pole and is the original Emmrod® Design.


Q:  So seriously....what's with the coils?

A:  Our power coils are patented and for good reason.  They are the backbone of the Emmrod® fishing system.  They allow us to use more durable stainless steel rods.  They give us heightened sensitivity, incomparable castability and incredible action.

Two Tip - Extreme Heavy

4 Coil - Heavy

6 Coil- Medium Heavy

7 Coil - Medium

8 Coil - Light

Top Water -Ultra Light


Q:  I want to buy an Emmrod® but I'm just not sure which one suites me, what should I do?

A:  First, check out the descriptions on the product pages.  If this doesn't help please call us as we will gladly assist with any questions. 


Q:  Is this supposed to replace all of my graphite poles?

A:  In a word....no.  But we have found that it usually does.  We designed all of our products to be versatile, indestructible, fun but most importantly, very serious fishing gear.


Q:  I just want a good, all-around fishing pole....what do you suggest?

A:  Our Packer® model is always a great bet.  It can only be used with closed face spin-cast reels however.  For open face Spin reels we would suggest the Kayak King® Model for just an all around good fishing pole.  On both of these choices we would suggest going with a 6 coil rod end which is a mid range medium action rod.


Q: So what is Emmrod's® warranty guarantee?

A:  We have a one year guarantee on all of our products.....we just don't count what year it is.


Q: What is "instant feel, instant reel"?

A:  With graphite poles, there is a lag time between when the fish hits your lure and when you can set your hook and there is lag time between when you start to reel and when you are actually reeling in the fish.  The extensive bend in a graphite pole must first be accommodated before any influence can be realized upon the fish itself.  With our direct drive design, your hook set and reeling has instant effect on the fish.  It is like a graphite pole is turbo charged and you must wait for the turbo lag to catch up, whereas Emmrod is like a supercharger that gives instant power with no lag.