Customer Letters and Testimonials

I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the service I have received so far. I am heading out on a weeklong backpacking trip to the Sierras and have been looking for a small pole to take with me. The packer was exactly what I was looking for. I placed the order Thursday afternoon and had it in my hand Saturday morning with a hand written note thanking me for the purchase. I can't remember ever having that type of customer service and have recommended your product to many people. I can't wait to get on the lake and use it. If all goes well, and I'm sure it will, you will have a customer for life. Thank you!
Ryan King
San Diego, CA

Dear Emmrod,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the rod that you sent me. Again I would like to thank you for your swift and excellent customer service. When I recommend this rod to people who ask me about it, when they see me using it, I will be sure to mention your great customer service.
Thanks again,
Larry Hemeon

Had a kayak fishing charter the other day who brought along one of your amazing poles. I am hooked and want to carry them in our marina store in the florida Keys where fishing under the mangroves is a fine art. I am the owner of big pine kayak adventures and one of the owners of the marina and guest cottages and would like to carry your product.
Captain Bill Keogh

So, What's the Deal with EMMRODS?

I hear that a lot. Questions like, "why in the heck would someone who seriously fishes use such an odd looking, weird little pole?" Simple answer: they are fun to fish with. Let me tell you how I started.

In spring of 2006, I was getting ready for my yearly trip to Lake of the Woods, Canada. One of the top ten fishing destinations in many angler's minds, it is always a world class adventure for me and demands the best gear I can bring along. I have always chosen rods for the trip based on durability and toughness. When you are in the wilderness, there are no spare parts or tackle stores available when problems occur. The gear you bring is all you have for the trip and it has to hold up. My regular line up included Chaos, Loomis, St Croix, Falcon and a few custom sticks. I found Emmrods online and ordered a Packer model-really as sort of a joke. I equipped that first rod with a smoothed up 5500C ABU reel and loaded it with 15lb YoZuri Hybrid line. Into my gear mix and off to Canada it went.

The fishing was outstanding. After a shore lunch that Monday afternoon, I picked the Emmrod up off the deck for a few casts. I tied a Redfish Magic to a 20lb fluorocarbon leader so the rig would handle about anything I might hook up. That first cast produced a nice smallmouth that was a blast to fight on that little Emmrod. I was hooked as much as the fish was, as cast after cast produced more small mouth. I was having loads of fun learning to cast and work the lure with my new toy. As the week wore on, all those high end rods I had brought with me ended up spending most of their time on the deck. In my hands was the little Emmrod Packer racking up a huge catch count for the week.

As soon as I got home, I called Duane Markley, the owner of Emmrod and told him of my success. He asked for pictures which I sent over and he posted immediately on the Emmrod website. I could not leave well enough alone and started bugging him for different models and improvements to increase their strength and versatility. The Packer model I used has a handle design from the 1950's. Therefore, most low profile casting reels and a number of spincast reels don't fit the retro style handle. The Packer is a tough little rig and, with the right reel, performs great. Still, I wanted more. Emmrod also made spinning rods, but, I asked for changes in them, too. I was looking for gear that would stand up to powerful fish in a saltwater environment and allow the angler to use top notch reels in the process.

Duane has responded like no other manufacturer I've ever worked with. He took all my suggestions and endured me ruining sample rods that returned (often in pieces.) Each change he made was for the better-Emmrods got better and better. For my 2008 Canada trip, he sent me over the first of what would become the Rugged Flex Jr model. Finally I had an Emmrod that would handle a low profile or round casting reel, using the type of high quality reel seat most anglers are familiar with. As with the earlier versions of the Emmrods, the poles are interchangeable allowing the angler to choose the action they want for a particular presentation. The 2008 trip was wonderful and that Emmrod caught a huge number of fish-once again relegating my other rods to the deck all week. I kept asking Duane for more improvements and the rods became better with each change. The result was casting rods (both short and long handles) plus spinning rods with improved seats and handle designs. As my 2009 tip approached, I went to Duane with the idea of fishing my entire week in Canada using only Emmrods. He supported the idea and my relationship with Emmrod entered a more professional one. For the trip, I took 13 Emmrods in both spinning and casting configurations. They performed beyond expectation and we ended up shooting video the entire week that now is part of the distributor and dealer piece for Emmrod worldwide. Our second round of video work took place in November 2009 out of Crystal River, Florida. Once again, we had an amazing performance from a rod so different than anything else out there.

Working with Emmrod, starting as a curious angler, then a satisfied customer and now as a distributor, has been a great journey. We continue to collaborate on making improvements to handle and rod designs to improve durability and function in saltwater as well as freshwater. The firm is supportive and willing to make the changes that continually improve their product. One of the best things about Emmrod is their no nonsense method of customer service. If you (somehow) manage to break one, it need only be boxed up and sent off to Emmrod for replacement-no fuss involved.

Jeff McGovern

I bought three fishing poles from you last month while in Bastrop. My nephew's wife had been trying to catch a fish for three years, and finally succeeded [with her new Emmrod]! Needless to say she was happy to get the pole for Christmas. Happy New Year!
Karen Heck

Hi Duane,
I've tried a few different reels on your new topwater special. So far excellent results with all of the bait casters including the ABU round reels. The ABUs need a bit more flex to over come the tendency of the reel to engage during a snappy cast with a shorter fast tipped rod. What we might want to try is a four coil version of that idea to up the action just a bit for larger lures and more powerful fish. The red that we landed on the current one was at the edge of the rods power range to control the fish. No issues for me but without a fully tuned reel and a recently serviced drag it would have been a different outcome. If I had not mentioned it before, this is a great medium light rod....for topwater seatrout and slot redfish in the same areas it should be loads of fun. For bass in freshwater it should be a joy with prop baits similar topwater offerings.

Take Care, Jeff

My Friend Randy has a couple of ponds where he lets me learn how to fish. I took advantage of that this Sunday afternoon. I started out in the 'Whopper" pond. These fish are probably about 4 years or so old, maybe older. They start at close to 18 " in length and are about 10 or more pounds. They are Rainbows and no longer really edible, but, boy are they fun to catch. I started out with the Emmrod Packer. (Check out at MyCompactFishing.com). I was using a Shakespere closed spin reel and 8 coils on the pole. 8 coils would normally be used when targeting pan sized fish. For bait, I used some bright orange marshmallows and a half a night crawler. About 20 minutes in, I got my first bite. I think the biggest trouble I had was the tame white duck that was in love with my bobber. Maybe it thought it was its long lost egg. Could not tell if it was saying "My Son, My Son," or " "AFLAC, AFLAC." Anyway, down went the bobber. I pulled back on the line and had it hooked! my drag was pretty loose so I tightened it up gradually. I only had 10 pound line, so had to be careful. Part of what I wanted to check was the pressure a large fish put on my "weakest" rod. Did not seem to phase it at all! Well, 20 minutes later, I had it up to the dock. I was trying to control it, get my camera out of my pocket, turn it on, get the fish to lay still on the top of the water and take a photo. I am sure God was watching and laughing acknowledging he should have made man with three arms, then, thinking, "But then, I would not have so much fun watching them try to do three hands worth of work with two hands!" Well, to make that long story short, the leviathon managed to get a bit of slack and spit out the hook and sunk back into the murky depths. Be still my pounding heart.

I had one more hit at that pond but was distracted trying to call Randy's dog so it would not follow him as he drove out of his driveway. That one got away. No doubt, it was even bigger!

After that fun, I went across the driveway to the other pond. I stuck with the same rig and bait but got no action. I could see the fish swimming around the bait, shrugging their fins and asking "You expect me to eat deyed marshmallows and worms?" So, I went to the spinner. Boy that really turned them on. I caught two before dark. One I landed and one dropped off at the edge of the pond. I let it slither back into the water. The one I landed was a nice speckled fish about ten to 12 inches long and maybe 3/4 of a pound? That 8 coil rod really made catching it fun. Seemed as big as its rainbow brother.

Well, what a fun three hours. Randy and I are going to start a bit earlier in the day later this week and see what we can get where there is a little sun. But, for tonight, I am sated. Enjoy the photos.


Hi Duane,
My mail carrier Candy Stallings told me about an Emmrod catch she made earlier this month. She was on a family fishing outing near St Augustine, FL from her boat and scored a real nice redfish. The fish was caught using a Kayak King rigged with a Penn 4500 reel spooled with 15lb line. These fish are hard fighters and from her description of the battle she had one heck of great time and loved the way the Emmrod performed. I would sure like to get one that big out of my Wavewalk kayak on an Emmrod too.
Take Care,

I caught a Largemouth bass today at lunch @ Lake Shenandoah in Lakewood NJ on my Emmrod rig, it measured just shy of 20" and weighed 6.25lb.
The rod is outstanding, I keep it in my hard case on my BMW R1200GSA always & find myself fishing all the time because I have it with me.
Great job Emmrod!
Al Castorino

Thanks so much for your understanding and the replacement of the rod. You are indeed customer oriented and it is ver much appreciated!! Got it today and will use it on Thursday.
Patrick A. Darrah

Hello Emmrod,
I ordered another pole attachment for my wife's Packer combo I got her for Christmas last year, which by the way she loves!!!! Since I waited so late prior to our camping trip, I didn't think it would arrive before leaving..... but the people at Emmrod pulled through!!! I received the pole the day before, something I was not expecting! What a surprise for me and for her when I gave it to her without her knowing I ordered it before leaving for our trip!!
After only 30 minutes on the river with her new pole she got the biggest fish of the day!!! She was soooo excited and we all got to enjoy the fish that night.
Thanks a lot!!! We brag about the pole each trip and highly recommend to all our canoeing buddies!!
Thanks so much!!!
Dave & Donna

Hello Emmrod!
A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Packrod combo kit (rod and spinning reel) for an upcoming three week motorcycle trip to Maine. I plan to camp and fish along the way so "small and durable" is an important factor. I've taken the Packrod combo out to a local reservoir a number of times in order to get a handle on the little unit prior to the Maine trip. I can honestly say, the rod has been pleasant to use and I have recommended the setup to other motorcycle adventure touring travelers. Oh, another fantastic thing about the Packrod's size... It makes bushwhacking through the undergrowth to a water's edge nearly painless.
Once I return from the Maine trip (middle of October) I'll send another email hopefully with a few photos of my Packrod sponsored meals.
Russell Stephan

I bought an orange Packer a few weeks back. I received it with a personalized note expressing gratitude for the business and wanted to let you know that the time you took to do that was well worth it. Not only am I pleased with my purchase (caught a couple perch and a nice large mouth on day 1) but I'm happy to give business to a company that truly appreciates it. I will continue to brag about your product and your service and I'll send pics as I reel them in. Thanks!
Tom Decker
Upstate NY

I had entered a bass tournament this past weekend, and, well, to be honest, I wasn't really sure about this rod, but I decided to throw it in the kayak, just in case I had a problem with one of the "regular" rods I have. Well, it happened that, sure enough, I had to go with one of your compact rods. Even out of the kayak I was getting incredible distance with it, and after a few casts, I landed a 19.5" bass, and had four total with this rod. One of the best parts was watching a couple guys in their power boat and $400.00 combos, looking on and watching me land the fish with this rod and listening to their reaction! I love using this rod and will continue to do so!

Hi Duane,
In front of witnesses this time. I used the new short butt spinning rod set up with the four coil spinning rod. As we talked about yesterday I had the reel loaded with 10lb Fireline to a 20lb leader. The rig worked very well. Casting accuracy and distance was on par with everyone else on the water. Using a small lipped floater/diver plug I landed snook, trout, and even a tiny mangrove snapper. The trout was 20 inches and is already cleaned and in the freezer. The largest snook was 25 1/2 inches and fought like you might expect, like a demon. I had one the same size earlier in the morning but it swam between my legs and managed to pull loose the hook. All the fish were caught wading with the exception of two smaller snook on the way back to the ramp. I brought the short Rugged Flex pack rod handle with the two tip rod, only the little mangrove snapper fell to that rig. Everything else was on the spinning rod. As you might imagine the other anglers were dumb struck.
For the type of lure I was using, the floater/diver, the Emmrod gave excellent control. I also feel the action I was able to impart helped hook so many fish compared to the other anglers. Those six folks landed 2 fish to my 7 all morning and I lost some besides and missed a few hits. Then I landed two more while paddling back with the same gear.  Saltwater fish can tear up almost any fishing gear. All in all that little rod performed like a champ.
Take Care,

Hello to you at Emmrod,
My name is Ben. I have owned a few of your poles and I love them. I currently have a Mountaineer and take it with me just about everywhere. I'm a Harley-Davidson Technician, so I am on a motorcyle a lot. It's perfect for taking in a bag for a quick lunch time outing.
Thank you for your time,
Ben Bruce

I am a college student and would like extra income. How would one become a dealer? I had one of the rods and love it and everyone that sees it wants it, so i thought it would be great to become a dealer and sell something I love to others.
Donna J.

I got the Dock Shooter, complete with holster, for Christmas from my daughter and son-in-law and caught 3 small fish on Christmas Day. I went back out to the tank on the 26th and caught a nice Big Mouth Bass! I love it!!
Merry Christmas!!
Rick M., Abliene , Texas !

Wow! What a difference! I received the new Duall rod handle and it is up to EMMROD high quality! I appreciated the little note included in the package. itadded that little touch that supports [Emmrod's]"Customer Satisfaction!"
Duane, thank you for your phone call and inquisition which led to the difference in handles. This makes certainty and removed ambiguities. I will continue to promote and purchase EMMROD products.

Thanks again,
Sam M.

Dear Duane,

Cory L. here. (Spirit Bear Trekker) My Emmrod Packer arrived yesterday and I've spent the whole night (almost) playing with it. (Lucky thing I work midnights, eh?) Just to let you know; WOW! What a delight to use! After my third cast I was able to consistantly get the lure to within an inch or two of the little flower pot I was using as a target. Impressive. So is the distance I was able to get outside with a very lightweight lure. Noticed something very cool as well. The rods' ability to fling a lure the distances it can is not just due to the spring action of the rod. If you notice, when you pull back or the lure, it shortens the distance between the tip of the rod and the reel. When the lure is released from your fingers but before you release the trigger on the reel, the length of the rod is suddenly increased and the corresponding length of the line is decreased. Giving whatever is attached to the other end of the line one heck of a rotational boost as the line is pulled in an arc accross the top of the tip of the rod. It's almost the way a cam functions on a compound bow. But much simpler. VERY cool. So, in parting I'd like to say THANK YOU very much for your sponsorship of this expedition, and I hope to do your excellent creation proud.
In appreciation,
Cory L.

Hi Duane,

We're back from our Outer Banks vacation! It was sunny every day, but very windy and the cold front kept the "catching" kinda down, but the "fishing" was fun! It also gave me a good chance to try casting the surf with the "Rugged Flex" and long, 2 piece handle. I had Marilyn shoot a short video of a far cast into the foaming surf, which you'll get a kick out of (or laugh when you see this little ole guy struggling in the wash! ) ; I found the so called surfcasting 8 - 12' whippy rods for surf distance didn't give me any where near the "punch" that the powerful Emmrod combo provided for launching 1 to 2 oz surf slab spoons!
God Bless!
John M.

I took along the new Emmrod you built for me using the Fuji grip and with the new longer two tip rod for our yearly Canada adventure. Just got back to civilization today and I couldn't wait to email you. The rod performed like a champ and caught more than even the one I took last year. I wanted to do another review on the Wavewalk site kind of an update on the last one. But I need to know what the new rig is called and how much they will cost. By the way we have some nice shots of fish caught using the Emmrod, most of them were smallmouth bass. I got to the point I was calling the Emmrod a bass magnet. I'll mention this in my article. I had nine rods on the trip all nice high end gear including a few custom sticks. But time and again that little Emmrod found it's way into my hands, this too I'll mention in the article. Let me know about the rod as soon as you can. Your gear was a hit with a number of the other fishermen at the lodge each night. I even had to do a couple of casting demos since people found it hard to believe the little Emmrod could toss a lure at all. Shocked them just a bit.
Take Care, Jeff

Hi Folks,

I just sent off a second article, this one on the Emmrod with the Fuji trigger grip you made up for me earlier in the year. I had it on the water this morning fishing off the Intercoastal water way near Bing's Landing just north of Palm Coast Florida. I ran into someone who had seen the first article on the Wavewalk site and recognized the rod in the holder of my kayak. Of course they had questions and I directed them to your website via the web site. Hopefully they will be ordering from you soon. I also got a call earlier in the week from a old friend who had questions about the Emmrod having seen the first article as well. I guess that's the power of the Internet.

In working with the rod as much as I have I have noticed that the casting stroke with it is very light. Meaning that putting power into the casting stroke is not required to get good distance. Also by using an easier stroke accuracy is maintained. Too much power in the cast will ruin control and cut distance. I've compared the rod to shooting a two inch revolver over a say six inch model. Accuracy is there in the shorter weapon it just requires a more careful touch. Needless to say once learned the new rod is very easy to use and frankly habit forming. I've gotten use to the metallic little "ka klang" on a cast, that means it will be a good one, it's not distracting at all.

So far the rod has held up to both fresh and saltwater fishing conditions. There have been no problems with the handle at all and the entire rod is in excellent shape. I was concerned about the guides at first but they have been fine up to now. However I've not yet seen the rod on the your website. I'm sure there will be interest in it and I wanted to be sure folks who ask me about it can find a way to buy one. Please let me know when they will appear. Also when they are available I would like to order a second one for myself. Keep up the good work on those Emmrods. You folks have been great to deal with so far and I tell people you treat you customers very well, it's the experience I've had dealing with you and it's wonderful.
Take Care,
Jeff M., Florida

Dear Emmrod staff,

I just wanted to thank you. I had purchased a Packer rod from you about three years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed my fishing experience with that very portable pole. I lived in Florida at the time, and fished from a kayak regularly. When I had ordered that pole there were some complications with the shipping, it was the shipping companies fault not yours, but you guys went above and beyond and got a replacement sent out next day. I was very surprised, but even more surprising was a hand written note in the box thanking me for my purchase and apologizing about the shipping problem. I thought that was awesome, not to many businesses are personally involved anymore.

Just recently, I purchased another rod from you. I had lost my original rod in a canoe accident. I had sent you an email the next day to request shipping info, I didn't figure the pole would be shipped because of the holiday. Much to my surprise the package arrived the next day. The box looked great, custom made for the pole. When I opened it, again much to my surprise a hand written note, personally thanking me for my purchase and wishing my luck on my fishing adventures.

For that little bit of history I have with your company, I wanted to extend my sincerest THANK YOU. I look forward to future business with you and will highly recommend you to anyone looking for an innovative approach at fishing. Thank you for thinking outside the box.

Ben B., Florida

Dear Mr. Markley,

After coming home from a family Lacrosse tournament, I was really pleased to see a package that you sent me as a replacement for my Mountaineer that we spoke about.

I really do appreciate the replacement, thank you. And, as a long standing management consultant I even more appreciate an experience with an organization like Emmrod that walks the talk in regards to doing the right thing by the customer while being prompt and executing in a professional manner the actions that will be talked about from one individual experience to another.

Again, thank you for the replacement and I will be a big proponent to others to do business with Emmrod. It is the product, but sometimes its what is behind the product that makes the good companies great.
Regards, Mark

....I have the Emmrod Outback Model, I bought some time ago, I like the style of your fishing rods, they work very well for stream fishing in Colorado when there's lots of underbrush.
Curt C., Colorado

I live in the UK and purchased a Packer few years ago, the best purchase I've ever made. I love it!
Bev, United Kingdom

I have to tell you about my latest catch with my Emrod Packer. Today, Monday 8/4/08, two of my boys, Tyler (5) and Matthew (3), were walking through Rockwell Park, a very nice, very old park near our home in Bristol CT. We were crossing a bridge that spans a small river (salmon, although I doubt it, and trout, seen them better never caught one) and Matthew decided to throw his Boston Red Sox Wally hat over the railing and into the river. Matthew was not phased at all by throwing this hat in but Tyler was panicked because he has the same hat and as brothers daddy HAD to get it. So I followed the hat until it got hung up on a rock 15 feet below the bridge. There was no doubt what I needed , so it was off to the car and I pulled out my Emrod Packer and headed back to the bridge. Several people looked at the rod and made comments (is that your babies rod?, want to borrow my REAL rod?) well after two pinpoint casts, I hooked t he hat and pulled it up. My 5 year old was thrilled (daddy we are a great team, you did it) my 3 year old just wandered off. The best part was the look on the faces of the other anglers, I PROUDLY told them it was an Emmrod and there is nothing better to carry in you car 24/7! So Tyler and daddy thank you, Matthew could care less but he will be happy that he can wear his "Wally" hat after it dries.

I love my rod, and Tyler thinks it is the best thing in the world.

Thanks for the rod and this great story!
Live, love and laugh,
Roger B., (VERY proud owner of an Emmrod!!!!!!!)


 My name is Sharon McBride. I live in Albany, TX. I recently purchased an Emmrod Dock Shooter Combo (pink). I absolutely love it!
 In a couple of weeks I'll be traveling with my family for a spring break vacation. Since we are traveling by air and this isn't specifically a fishing vacation, I will not take my regular fishing gear with me. However, since we will be near the Gulf of Mexico I may have an opportunity to fish. So I have found the perfect fishing rod to throw in my suitcase, it's an Emmrod.

These compact rods are perfect for travel, for backpacking, cycling, or kayaking. I just leave mine in my car, because you never know when you might have an opportunity to wet a hook. The unique design casts as far as my 6 foot rod.
Thank you so much for the swift arival of my new packer pole! It looks great and I was amazed to see that it arrived so soon, just in time for my trip. Hope to catch many a fish with this baby. Thanks again.

Luke Liles
San Antonio, TX

Thank you so much for the swift arival of my new packer pole! It looks great and I was amazed to see that it arrived so soon, just in time for my trip. Hope to catch many a fish with this baby. Thanks again.

Luke Liles
San Antonio, TX

Hi Duane, the package came Friday at 12 Noon, thanks a million! 12:15 I was on my way to Venice, couldn't wait to fish with the new rod! Sent a pic of the first catch, and caught my limit in 1 hour of Spanish Mackeral. I'm having a ball with the Emmrod! I sent some people to your site, they saw how much fun I was having! Okay, I will stay in touch.
Mel Larsen

Dear Emmrod,

I've purchased a Mountaineer Combo on june 30th and the rod arrived July 13th. This morning i went for a tryout in a little place not far from here.

Everybody looked at me strangely when i got the rod out of it's bag...

After a little practice with the rod i was able to cast as far as anybody that was there with a regular pole. After an hour or so i had caught three rainbow trout (14", 17" & 19"). It was so much fun to use the Mountaineer but unfortunately i had to return back home...

Anyway, it was a very good first experience...

Martin Ruel
Saint-Hubert, QC, CANADA